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has been established for R&D, production, and sales of world leading most protective and highest breathable membranes, creative laminates with best quality fabrics, and innovative clothing design, which can protect lives from threat of extreme cold or hot temperatures, harsh windy raining snowy environments, and hazardous materials including liquids, gases, fire, and solids.

Our innovated membrane technologies include ultra high strength nano-porous ePTFE membranes and eco-friendly recyclable technology. Commercial applications include the most durable waterproof and highest breathable outdoor clothing, chemical & biological warfare protective clothing system, medical emergency protective suits, fire fighter suits, hunting suits, sailing suits, military and police waterproof breathable suits, high temperature steam sterilized medical gowns, shoes, gloves, face mask, tents, and sleeping bags. Our mission is to love lives, protect lives, and save lives with affordable best protective technology. Our vision is to be best partner of world leading brands.

Our trademarks: i-Life®; Life-savior®

  • The only strongest nano-porous Teflon membrane / fabric laminate, most breathable with best comfort, durable contamination resistance to maintain superior waterproof and wind-proof under all weather conditions.

    i-Life® membrane is the world best & strongest Teflon membrane, with its pore size as small as 0.03 μm, thickness from 8 to 50 μm, void volume from 80 to 97%. It has highest hydrostatic resistance (>100 psi = 70,000 mmH2O even after 20 washes), super high moisture vapor permeability (>100,000 g/m2/day, JIS L1099 B1), good air permeability, and flame resistant. It also has ultra high mechanical strength, superior oil resistance, sweat resistance, and abrasion resistance.

    i-Life® meets and exceeds specifications of US military ECWCS extended cold weather clothing system /waterproof and breathable clothing procurement MIL-DTL-31011B (latest version)
  • The only CBRN protective fabric laminate with lowest heat stress, lightest weight, best comfortable to wear with breathability, flexible, most durable CBRN protection, liquid-proof, and wind-proof under all weather conditions.

    Life-Savior® membrane is a revolutionary innovation of superior barrier, based on patented selective permeable membrane technology. It is very thin with lowest heat stress, lightest weight, best comfortable to wear with high moisture vapor permeability, flexible, liquid-proof, wind-proof and durable barrier against all known chemical and biological warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals, either in liquid or vapor form, under all weather conditions. It provides > 48 hours of chemical protection after contamination, continuous wear > 45 days, > 10 laundries. It meets chemical agent protection specifications of US Army CRDC-SP-84010 and TOP 8-2-501 test methods, with Blister (HD) agent < 4 μg/cm2; Nerve (GD,VX) agents < 10 μg/cm2.